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Mr. Karan Nawale has earlier held the post of Journalist, Deputy Editor, Head of Department in reputed dailies like Sakal, Lokmat, Punyanagari, Gaokari.

After completing his postgraduate course in journalism, he has done research on 'The Changing Face of Media and Its Socio-Economic Implications'.

With the concept of Sustainable Development based on the findings of this research in mind, the ‘Rashtra Sahyadri Media Group’ was inaugurated.

Why Sahyadri Youth Forum?

India is one of the youngest nations in the world, with about 65 percent population under 35 years of age. It is expected that by the year 2020, the population of India would have a median age of 28 years only as against 38 years for US, 42 years for China and 48 years for Japan. The youth are indeed the most dynamic and vibrant segment of the population in any country.

Swami Vivekananda once said, "Whatever you think, that you will be. If you think yourselves weak, weak you will be; if you think yourselves strong, strong you will be."

His message was simple yet powerful. Vivekananda conveyed his ideas directly to the people, especially to the youth. His message broke through the shackles of caste and creed and spoke of a language of universal brotherhood.

What he said captures the great importance of his ideas and ideals among the youth in our country today.

He personified the eternal energy of the youth and their restless quest for truth.

But how to make youth realize the relevance of Swami Vivekananda in these exciting and challenging times, when on the one hand people and nations are engaged in the noble task of developing the personality and leadership qualities of the youth by involving them in various nation-building activities, while on the other hand there are challenges of hunger, poverty, unemployment, corruption and terrorism.

For answering this we came with idea of "Sahyadri Youth Forum"

What Sahyadri Youth Forum?

It is a Network of volunteer youths across India providing Opportunities of participation in fundamental democratic practices of polity and development. Which also acts as an Instruments of empowerment of youth be means like skill-generation, awareness creation about health, life skills, and self employment.

Our Vision

"Sahyadri Youth Forum" has two fold Vision

To develop youth with global consciousness and competence.
To develop professionals with national character.

Our Mission

"Sahyadri Youth Forum" has two fold mission
To involve the rural youth in nation building activities.
To develop such skills and values in them with which they become responsible and productive citizens of a modern, secular and technological nation.

Goals and Objective

Increase the participation of young people and youth organizations in society.
Positively influence policy issues affecting young people and youth organizations, by being a recognized partner for institutions.
Facilitate the participation of young people through the development of sustainable and independent youth organizations at local regional and national level, particularly in respect to ensuring dependable, adequate funding for them.
To foster youth action towards implementation of ideas brought forward by the young people for the benefit of the societies.
Bridging the skill gap and thereby facilitating youth for employment and entrepreneurship.
Training youth in Soft Skills

Benefits to Member

Work towards development if nation all while developing one self.
Development of Leadership Qualities.
Preparing oneself to their integration in the corporate world through trainings, mock interviews and company visits.
Hiring these youth is a real opportunity for the companies as they are highly motivated, hard workers with good professional skills and positive behaviors.
The forum mechanism allows the members to meet in a formal environment where ideas are encouraged, consensus is reached and stakeholders are identified for each project.
Will get an unique opportunity of exposure and experiential learning by participating in live projects and programs that have direct outcomes in the transformation of their communities at the state, national and international levels.
Opportunity to work as citizen journalist.

What will You Get?


Many intelligent people among us do not succeed in practical life inspite of their intellect, Capacity and Capability.In contrast contrast, seemingly not so intelligent persons succeed in practical life. Why? Social scientists are constantly striving to find the answer. They are unlikely to ever come out with the perfect answer because it will be impossible to prepare a concrete formula for success. And also, the criteria for success will differ.

This makes it impossible to confine success in a particular framework. In view of this, it is possible to argue that skills in practical life – speaking and behavioral skills – are also as important along with intellect. Such skills are called behavioral skills. One must be able to gauge the person in front of you (one must be able to gauge oneself). One must understand the dynamics of relating to a person, pair, small or large groups. Practical training in the methods of transactional analysis and lateral thinking in vogue in the West can be useful. It has been included in the training.


Education should give maximum importance to helping a student to awaken his creativity; (character formation comes above creativity development. But it is taken for granted. Without character, creativity turns demonic). We now have available scientific methods to awaken and develop creativity. These methods continue to be further refined through improvement and correction because creativity development does not follow a simple and straight mathematical formula like 2+2 is 4. In fact, a human being can never be fully defined in a mathematical framework. It is impossible to fathom this creature. In spite of being aware of all these facts, creativity development is the top priority in Youth Forum.


Presenting one’s view is communication. Whether it is to be presented to one person, two or a group. Even if it is to be presented to oneself and for oneself, it is communication only. Dialogue with self is a beautiful experience in communication. Communication can be written involving training in writing skills. It can be verbal, meaning public speaking skills (discussion, participation in and conduct of group discussion; listening to others without uttering a word, ability to listen carefully and being a good listener are also important skills). Even our merely being there, not saying a word with movements, getting up and sitting, speech, eyes, and face to communicate. Our very silence can say a lot. This is body language. It is vital to be able to present our view, to first have the necessary confidence to do that, to have a clear perception of our view and basically to have something to say – often those who have nothing to say keep talking and those who have something worth saying are reluctant speakers, remain silent and are ignored. There is an apt saying in Marathi: those who can shout can sell even cucumber but those who cannot, cannot sell even Alphonso mangoes. That is why the need for training in communication skills.


Management skills have assumed great importance all over the world. And rightly so. At this stage, it will not be necessary to teach the students a lot of theory, mathematics, models, and graphs. Here, the emphasis will be on simple management skills for everyday use in life such as how to manage one’s various responsibilities; how to set priorities; how to increase efficiency; how to plan one’s work; and, very important, how to manage time. This training will help the student to absorb these skills so as to make one’s personality and work more impressive and oneself more efficient.


Leadership skills do not mean leadership in the political sense. It means taking initiative in every work in hand in all walks of life; doing things on one’s own; and cultivating traits necessary for achieving success. Just as this leadership is not political leadership, it is also not leading other persons or groups. It is leading oneself. This is a vital skill to be acquired during the training.


Several youngsters unnecessarily nurse a fear-complex about written and especially spoken English. Of course, excellent command over English is an essential prerequisite to success in the global competition. (Not only English, but you must also be fluent in Marathi, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, etc).Forum will provide you training in that.


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